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My name is Mgcini and I have been in photography for a few years now.

Starting as a passion and a hobby, it has now grown into a professional role which I embrace with both hands. Photography is not anything new to me and I can recall my first camera which needed a 35mm film and one would need to go to the chemist to get it developed… not to mention up to a week’s worth of waiting. Moving into the digital age, I started with the HP small compact cameras and then swiftly moved into the Canon cameras.

I bought my first DSLR which was a Canon EOS 350D and quickly upgraded to a Canon EOS 400D and then my current main camera, the Canon EOS 7D. These lovely machines are accompanied by a vast collection of lenses, allowing me to tackle any situation, event and project head-on and with excellent results.

I love taking photographs and it is my passion to capture those special moments for you. So, feel free to ALL IMAGES contained within this site are © copyright of Gagisa.net | The MTM Pro.
DO NOT reproduce without explicit permission.